The "MiE" Album - A Review of Tamieyah's Debut Album

Updated: Jun 6

This April we released Tamieyah's debut album "MiE". The entire project gave us insight and inspiration about life, love, family, and spirituality. The story starts with a provocative, edgy anthem for all the "dirty" women and men out there. "Dirty" is redefined and even becomes a compliment as we uncover the truth that there is beauty in the struggle. We then move into a heavily gospel-inspired track that talks about coming to the one that can make all things whole again. Tamieyah tells the Biblical story of the Woman at the Well from a fresh perspective. She then takes us on an adventure with the Stevie Wonder inspired track "Trip. This groovy, funky, nostalgic piece of art transports us from the iconic sound of the 80's disco era to the soulful punch of the R&B sound. "MiE" switched gears with a hip hop track, 1(800)888-SHML, formally known as Stop Hittin' My Line. This song is a fun bop for all the ladies out there that want to tell the guys that they are through and are ready to move on. The track list ingeniously maneuvers to the piece that is intended to uplift and inspire self-care by promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. "Self" is another hip-hop track but takes a milder approach to calm the minds, souls, and spirits of the listener. Tamieyah included her previously released single "Super" which tells the story of a love so powerful that it protects, heals, and covers others. She then calms the listeners with a spiritually rebirthing tune featuring Jessica Raquel."Let It Roll Off" addressing those that have ever verbally or physically torn her down. She reminds us to extend grace to everyone as we all grow into the best version of ourselves. The next song compilation is true to R&B. "Over/You Don't is the sultry feel-good duo that talks about love in its different forms. A love that turns cold in the next track, "Forest Fire". This song talks about the metaphorical life cycle of a relationship that has to deteriorate in order to grow. Then "Daze" sweetly whisks us away as we officially say goodbye to the past, to old things, burying them. "Back to You" is the culmination of the love story that's been taking place. This love is not just between two lovers, but rather self-love and the love for God. The very last track on the project is "469" written for Tamieyah's family, to pay tribute to Dallas, Texas. To give honor to her hometown, her humble beginnings, and those that have supported her journey since its beginning. This track has that Texas Twang with the Tamieyah twist. "Hornz" is the credits track, that gives everyone involved their shoutout. She ends the project with a surprise live rendition of Super. All in all this project took us on a ride and poked at the themes of life, love, family, God, and purpose. And we absolutely love it! You can purchase this album on iTunes and Amazon Music, and stream it on all digital streaming platforms today!

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