TVStoke makes a shocking debut with "Little Black Book"!

This April we released TVStoke's debut album "Little Black Book".

This 11-track body of work is nothing short of a "classic". TVStoke's Little Black Book album ushered in the summer with a collection of refreshing R&B vibes and overall great music. "I want to make a Jamie Foxx mixed with Ty Dola $ign type of project; they gon' feel it!", said Stoke. "I want to give something special to the ladies with this one."

This story begins with a witty but clever introduction to TVStoke, also known as "R&B Stoke"; serenading his female audience with "Nubian", one of the fan-favorite tracks on the album. As we journey along, we encounter a few tracks that exude raw passion for lovemaking, with songs such as: "Wild Side feat. Bria Jaunté", "Make Love feat. Chrétien", and Bria's Interlude. When we get to track 5 the mood shifts to a more transparent depiction of Stoke's bravado. Tracks like "Intimacy with Chrétien", "Better feat. Reese Money Baby" and "Golden Goose" make it clear to the world that TVStoke knows who he is, "The Coldest R&B Singer Alive" and "the golden goose". And, these records make it clear what he is focused on, "intimacy" with the right woman and stacking up his money to achieve many more of his goals. As we approach the latter half of the album, we get to a more nighttime ominous vibe. Tracks like Goated Nonsense and Blitz, bring the ladies face to face with Stoke as he directly tells them, "I'm trynna put you to sleep" so "baby let me blitz yo' body". Track number ten, "Hide & Go" features Iv.Al, an Atlanta-based artist. Hide & Go is a memo to everybody that Stoke and Al are both hard-working men dedicated to their crafts, so catch them while you can; they'll be "touching road" and headed to big cities to do big things. We end this crazy rollercoaster of relations with P.S., a true R&B song. Here, Executive Producer, "CHRET", gathered a gang of incredibly talented musicians (who also played on other records on the album): Kyle Souter (Bass), Reginald Willis (Guitar), Marcus Bryant (Horn), Hunter Garcia (Horn), and Kaleb Thompkins (Piano); to play some amazing music and "make it gold." Little Black Book signs off with a brief skit that leaves you with the excitement and expectation for more great music from TVStoke.

All in all this project took us on a ride and touched on the themes of relationships, lovemaking, lust, and purpose. And we absolutely love it! You can purchase this album on iTunes and Amazon Music, and stream it on all digital streaming platforms today!

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