Hello I am Kimani Jackson, one of the artists having worked with 7233 Roots and my experience has been by far one of the most memorable experiences of my life. My first single ever was produced with this company and The love and the passion that has been sewn in to me as an artist and into the work behind my projects have been 1 of a kind. Theres no doubt in my mind that every project that is produced by 7233 roots is for sure to be a project that is magical and speaks to souls!

Kimani Jackson

Very professional, timely, and worked to cater to what I needed musically. I will definitely be working with them on future projects!


Jhori Ahnae

 I absolutely loved working with Chretien and Tamieyah for my single. They both created an environment where I was comfortable to express any ideas that I had for the song. I love how if I had anything to correct in this song Chretien made sure that it was done it the way that I wanted it. I will definitely be working with them again!


Working with 7233 Roots was a great experience I was able to put out a record that I’m in love with and Chrétien and Tamieyah ran with the vibe I was going for and had the best insight when it came to producing and writing the track! It was an easygoing process and I would love to work with 7233 Roots again!


I have had the absolute privilege of working with Chrétien and Tamieyah at 7233 Roots. My  very first single “See Through Me” was written and produced by this brilliant company, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. They always encourage me, and whenever I doubt my talents, they reassure me. They always remind me that I have something special, and for that I am forever grateful! Chrétien and Tamieyah are both God-fearing individuals, who are immensely talented and creative. These gifted individuals are some of the hardest working people I know. They truly inspire me to work harder. They are two people who want to produce nothing but the best, and it shows. Besides the above-mentioned, they are down-right great human beings whose character’s make you love them most. I have had a great experience working with them, and I look forward to my future with 7233 Roots.

Bri Ci.

Working with 7233 Roots has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had musically.

For a long time, I was working with producers that didn’t quite understand the sound that I was looking for, nor did they bring out anything in me musically that I hadn’t discovered myself, but that was the complete opposite when I worked with 7233 roots.

I wrote my first single “New Wave” at a time where I felt almost stagnant with life and I wanted to experience a “new wave” of motivation for not only myself, but my music, and 7233 roots was just the place that I needed to do so. 

Chretien Adams, in my opinion, is one of the most diverse producers that i’ve ever come in contact with.

Working with him was such a vibe and I love how he allowed me to freely pour out my creativity in my song. 

I can still remember all of the late night jam sessions like it was yesterday, and not only have I gained a musical relationship with him and many of the other 7233 roots members, but I've also gained life long brothers and sisters. 

If anyone is interested in finding a safe space to create music the way that you want to, or even looking to find people who will help you grow and push you to higher heights musically, 7233 roots is definitely the place for you!

Kemuel (Kemuel) Turner